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There is an italian director, Ettore Scola, he said once : There is a secret order. You can’t place books at random. The other day I placed Cervantes next to Tolstoy. And I thought: “If Don Quixote is next to Anna Karenina, he will certainly do everything to save her.”
Pretty much the same with paintings, they tell a story. You walk in the #Altwienerhof and, on the left side, you´ll see a man with a dark face ( Giovanni Senesi “About us “ ). Why a dark face you ask? Because she turned her back to him ( Götz Valien “ Grüss Gott “ ). Who knows why, really? Maybe she’s mad at the guy, maybe she’s questioning the Almighty, or maybe she’s just chillin’ with a smoke, contemplating life’s mysteries. Right beside them, you got Romeo and Juliet (Salvador Dali’s “Romeo and Juliet”), reminding us that love, my friends, can be one hell of a tragedy. And in those dire moments, it’s the angels who come to our rescue (Catalina Codreanu’s “Cheruvim Love”). Ain’t that somethin’?

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